Purchasing property can be hectic.  Let’s be frank, it is STRESSFUL.

There are so many unknown factors when it comes to buying a property.

Typically, a buyer’s agent’s fee is 2.2% of the purchase price.  At Frank Property Australia however, we’re able offer fixed rate based on your needs.  Arrange a 30-minute free consultation to find out more.

Before engaging our Buyer’s Agent Services:

Enjoy a

30-minute free consultation

During this session, we will get to know your requirements by establishing criteria setting including these 3 key factors:

Personal Factor

purchase purpose, budget, timing

Property Factor

property size, land size, aspect

Proximity Factor

location, infrastructure

  • Conducting property research and selection of properties which fulfill client’s criteria.
  • Arranging property inspection.  50% of the required number of properties are expected to be inspected.  3 days in total.
  • Advising on ground elements such as previous sales history, street sales history, property zoning and comparative property value analysis.
  • Arranging for second inspection on selected property(s) - if required and where time permits.
  • Providing relevant advice such as rental return, online search of water and sewage lines.
  • Conducting Contract & Price Negotiation with seller or seller's agent.
  • Establish and finalising contract terms in favour of client.
  • Communicating and assisting client regarding crucial information related to initial deposit, balance deposit, finance days, building and pest inspection, settlement, solicitor and any fees or quotations involved.
  • Reminding client on building insurance, electricity, gas, phone or internet connections where required.
  • Arranging pre-settlement inspection and reminding client of relevant fund and dates.

Picking up keys from seller and delivering to client.

Once you’ve decided to engage Buyer’s Agent Services with us:

Frank Property Australia specialists have been living and breathing the property industry in Australia for decades and have abundant hands-on experiences in both the buying and selling markets.

We’re proud to say that our expertise and strategies in the real estate field have assisted countless number of happy purchasers.

Have a chat with us to find out more before engaging our quality services!

When it comes to properties, we prefer to be FRANK.