Who tripped the housing boom?

Forget immigration, investors, fixer-uppers, downsizers, Baby Boomers, and everything else, the latest RBA research paper — A Model of the Australian Housing Market by Trent Saunders and Peter Tulip — implicates the central bank itself in what’s became largely unsustainable double digit house price growth.

What will become of the Queenslander home and should more be done...

The traditional Queenslander home is an iconic piece of architectural design, but debate is growing about the best ways to protect their heritage value and keep them standing for years to come.

Life in Australia: what we value about where we live

Living in a safe area with access to good health care services and affordable housing is more important to most Australians than having access to parks and cafes, according to new data.

Should you choose a fixed, variable or split loan?

It’s the question every Aussie with a mortgage has to grapple with – should I choose a fixed, variable or split home loan?

Brisbane Housing Market Update | March 2019

Watch the latest Housing Market Update for Brisbane. The housing and economic data is derived from the CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index for the month of February, released in March 2019.

Demand for Properties in Mansfield State High Schol Catchment on ...

Proximity to great schools is undeniably one of the factors that families consider when buying a home. In fact, parents of school-aged children choose to buy into areas zoned for the best public schools including Mansfield State High.

Mansfield State High’s New Learning Centre Begins Construct...

By November 2019, Mansfield State High School will have a new learning centre in its premises as construction for the planned three-storey complex has begun. The site should be ready for students to use by the 2020 school year.

BCC Opposes Belmont Shooting Complex Expansion, Cites Impact on V...

The Brisbane City Council objects to the State Government’s plan to clear an additional five hectares of the Belmont Shooting Complex…

Seven ways to prevent your home from turning off potential buyers

Seven ways to prevent your home from turning off potential buyers LEE DASHIELL  |  NOV 12, 2018 Source: Domain It might only takes a few seconds for potential buyers to fall in, or out, of love with your property, and initial impressions set the overall mood for the inspection. Deal-breakers can immediately put buyers off, leading […]

How Healthy is Your Suburb?

How Healthy is Your Suburb?