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Frank Property Australia has a record of success both in Australia and in Asia that is hard if not impossible to duplicate. Frank – The Publishing, Advertising, Translation and Printing Story.

Publishing of Bridge Magazine since 1998, Bridge Magazine is the most popular and highest-in-demand Chinese publication in Queensland. The name “BRIDGE” derived from the founder’s original aim-bridging the gap between communities and therefore, assisting readers to a better understanding of today’s Australia. The pioneer publication with gloss pages, delivering articles to the broad Asian community in South East Queensland.

As the demand of delivering information to this multicultural community increase, Bridge Magazine expanded to provide translation of up to 35 languages. Its primary clients are sectors of Federal and State Government levels, City Councils, corporate companies such as FKP, Devine Limited, Australand, Leighton Properties, Commonwealth Bank, National Bank, ANZ Bank, Westpac Bank, BMW, Mercedes Benz and many more.

Frank’s publishing, advertising, translation & printing company has helped countless number of developers (big or small) in creating of advertisements, in designing & printing of brochures, in designing and translation of websites. Succeed at first impression.

Frank – The Real Estate Story Packed with the advertising experience, Frank has worked with various developers and gained a vast knowledge of the property industry. As the Asian buying power grew, Frank started to work with developers to sell projects, houses and units to Asian buyers both locally and internationally. When developers want to sell to Asian buyers, Frank is their secret weapon! As you read along, Frank continues to work hard at his passion to bridge our clients with the best deals Frank Property Australia has to offer. Frank welcomes you to embark on a journey of success with Frank Property Australia.

When it comes to properties, we prefer to be frank!


Frank Chang 張裕豐 – 董事/拍賣師/物業管理總監
澳州直撥 +61 415 511 288

富來客地產公司旗下的公司[橋 生活雜誌]是澳大利亞昆士蘭州首創銅板紙彩色中文刊物,鼎力於傳播第一手信息給在澳的華人朋友。接著創設[橋 多語言媒體]及廣告印刷公司。其服務項目包含翻譯35種語言。在澳26年曾就讀昆士蘭最高學府的昆士蘭大學與昆士蘭科技大學,也因中英文流利加上豐富的經驗,被澳洲數一數二的上市開發商發覺聘用為大型公寓亞洲區銷售經理。結合十多年廣告與地產銷售經驗,協助許多華人在澳創立事業成功之時,再進一步協助購買投資物業、商業辦公樓等,購買後由富來客地產公司團隊,直接管理,讓投資客或新移民,無後顧之憂。